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Booking Conditions

McLaren House Terms & Conditions


1          Introduction


1.1       All bookings made with Kib Co. shall be subject to the terms and conditions stipulated below.  The terms and conditions shall come into effect upon the last date when signed by the Client and Kib Co. and Kib Co. shall have no obligations to the Client before that date.


1.2       Kib Co. permits the Client to occupy an apartment for the period shown in the confirmation invoice.


1.3       Kib Co. reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.  You should, therefore, check and review them each time you make a reservation. The terms and conditions applying to your reservation will be those in place on the date that you make your reservation or make payment, whichever is later.


1.4       Additional terms and conditions apply to your use of our digital channels (such as our website, mobile site or app) whether or not you make a reservation through them. Those terms and conditions are published on the relevant digital channel and should be read by you.


2          Definitions 


2.1       “Kib Co.” means the Kib Co. Partnership of Ben and James Kibler trading as Kib Co. who are the contracting party on behalf of McLaren House.  Any partner of Kib Co. may sign documents and enter into contracts on behalf of Kib Co. 


2.2       “Client” means the person(s) with whom the terms and conditions are concluded.


2.3       “McLaren House” means 1-6 McLaren House, 27 Main Street, Seahouses, NE687RE.

2.4       Any reference to “us” or “me” or "we" in these terms and conditions refer to Kib & Co.  Any reference to “you” or “your” are references to the Client and all members of the Client’s party, visitors or guests. 


2.5       “Apartment” means any Apartment at 1-6 McLaren House, 27 Main Street, Seahouses, NE687RE, booked by the Client.


3          Reservations


3.1       To reserve an apartment please follow the instructions on the website, mobile site or app (as applicable).


3.2       You must be at least 18 years old to book an apartment or make a reservation.


3.3       Your booking is made as a consumer and you acknowledge that no liability can be accepted for any business losses howsoever suffered or incurred by you. 


3.4       You will need to provide Kib Co. with a valid credit or debit card details to secure an apartment. McLaren House accepts Visa & MasterCard.


3.5       All prices include VAT.  If the VAT rate changes between any reservation and the date or payment Kib Co. may amend the price accordingly. And any balance owed must be paid within 14 days of confirmation of any price increase.


3.6       All payments must be in pounds sterling and credit card charges may apply.  Clients will be advised of any charge before any payment is taken.


3.7       We will confirm our acceptance of your reservation by sending you an email to the email address provided by you during the reservation process. Should your contact details change between reservation and the date of your stay you must inform us of those change in details, in writing. We will not be liable for any losses or disruption caused to you if you do not keep contact details up to date.


3.8       If you think that there is a mistake in your reservation or if you require Kib Co. to make any changes to a confirmed reservation, please contact us on 07538 456999 or at to discuss. We will not be liable for any delay or non-performance if you provide us with incorrect information.


4          Bookings and Apartment prices


4.1       The cost of an apartment varies. When you make a reservation request, we will give you a total price for the apartment based on the number of nights you have requested and the occupancy level. The price you pay is the price quoted to you at the time you make your reservation.


4.2       A minimum of 3 nights must be booked for all Apartments. 


4.3       Extras are not included in the apartment price but extras may be added to your reservation during the booking process or they may be available to you during your stay. 


4.4       All extras must be paid for separately.


4.5       Only one promotion can be applied to each booking. The returning customer discount (given at Kib Co's discretion) cannot be used in conjunction with the extended stay discounts that are applied to qualified bookings automatically. 


5          Occupancy and Identification


5.1       You must not exceed the maximum occupancy for the apartment. We reserve the right to conduct checks on occupancy. If the maximum occupancy is exceeded we reserve the right to immediately cancel the booking. If the booking is cancelled in accordance with this clause no refund will be given to you.


5.2       Children under 16 years of age are not permitted to stay in an apartment unless accompanied by an adult during the entire duration of the stay. 


5.3       We reserve the right to request photographic identification and proof of age for every person staying at an apartment so please ensure you bring identification for everyone staying in your party.  If it is requested and not provided you may not be permitted to stay at an apartment and no refund will be given.


6          Accessibility


6.1      All apartments are on the first floor and are accessible only by stairs. Please confirm whether any person staying at an apartment has a disability at the time of making a reservation so we can endeavour to make any necessary reasonable adjustments.


7          Paying for your Apartment


7.1       A payment of 50% the total booking must be made at the time of booking. The remaining 50% must be paid 28 days prior to check in. Payment may be made by credit/debit card (Visa, Maestro and Electron) or BACS. The expiry date of your debit/credit card must be at least 3 months later than the end of your stay. We do not accept personal cheques or family discount cards.


8          Cancellations


8.1       If a Client wishes to cancel or a booking he or she must give Kib Co. notice in writing as soon as possible.   A cancellation charge will be payable as follows:


(i)        Over 28 days notice – no charges; 

(ii)       Less than 28 days notice – 50% of the price is payable;

(iii)      Less than 14 days notice – 100% of the total price is payable. 


8.2       On receipt of written confirmation from you of a cancellation Kib Co. will endeavour to refund any sums due (as set our above) within 28 days.  Refunds will be made to the same credit/debit card that processed payment.


8.3       A cancellation reference will be given and that should be retained as proof of cancellation.


8.4       If you decide to rearrange your booking at McLaren House you must inform us at least 30 days before the day of check-in. Failure to do so will result in your request being treated as a cancellation of those days and no refund for those cancelled days will be given.

8.5       If you decide to shorten your stay at McLaren House you must inform us at least 60 days before the day of check-in. Failure to do so will result in your request being treated as a cancellation of those days and no refund for those cancelled days will be given.   


9          McLaren House Right to Cancel/Refuse a Booking


Your breach


9.1       Kib & Co. may, at its absolute discretion, refuse any booking.


9.2       We may cancel your reservation at any time with immediate effect by giving you written notice (which includes notice by email) if:


(i)        you do not pay us when you are required to do so; 

(ii)       you breach the contract between us in any way; and/or 

(iii)      we become aware of any Client conduct that may in our opinion tarnish or damage the reputation of McLaren House and/or Kib Co. and or effect any goodwill.


9.3       If we cancel your reservation for any of the reasons at 9, we reserve our legal rights and no refund will be given.


Events outside our control


9.4      We may also cancel your reservation if an event outside of our control (including but not limited to industrial action, explosion, fire, flooding and/or failure of power and/or water supplies or emergency evacuation) means that we are unable to comply with the terms and conditions in any way. In this case we will contact you to let you know as soon as possible and:
(i)        Offer you alternative dates for re-booking where possible;    

(ii)       If you have already paid for an apartment and we cannot offer you any alternative dates, we will endeavour to refund your payment in full within 28 days; or

(iii)       If you have not yet paid you will not have to make any payment to us.


9.5       Save as set out above, in the event we have to cancel your reservation due to the actions or advice of a competent Public Authority, due to an emergency likely to endanger life or property occurring within the vicinity or the premises which prevents or hinders the use of or access to the premises for a period greater than four consecutive hours we will not be liable for an losses. This does not affect your statutory rights.


Essential Work and Maintenance


9.6       From time to time it may be necessary to carry out essential or emergency work to an apartment during your stay.  Where possible, Kib Co. will give Clients prior notice of any such work, which may include but is not limited to external re-decoration works.  If your stay is disrupted Kib Co. will aim, where possible, to keep noise to a minimum any work between the hours of 10.00 and 15.30.  Kib Co. will offer you reasonable compensation for any inconvenience or loss of enjoyment caused as a result of any works carried out.


10       Arrival and departure


10.1    Apartments are available from 3pm on the arrival date. Please let us know if you are likely to arrive after 8PM and arrangements may be made for a late check in.


10.2    A refundable security deposit of £300 must be paid at check-in.


10.3    Apartments must be vacated by no later than 11am on the day of departure. Failure to leave your apartment by this time may result in a late check-out charge of £40.00/hr.


10.4    There are no check-ins allowed after 11PM, should you arrive after 11PM you will not be granted access into the apartments until the following morning after 9AM


10.5    The security deposit referred to at clause 10.2 above shall be returned to the Client after departure once the relevant apartment has been cleaned and checked for damage. Should the apartment require additional cleaning or repairs or maintenance beyond that reasonably expected the security deposit or a reasonable proportion of it shall be retained to cover this additional work.


11       Accommodation “No Shows”


11.1    On the day of arrival and in any event that you do not arrive no refund will be given to you.  This shall be considered a cancellation in accordance with clause 8.1 (iii).  


12       Client Obligations


12.1    You will be responsible for payment for any damage whether caused by you or your visitors/guests.  You agree to make any visitors and guests aware of their obligations under these terms and conditions.


12.2    You agree to keep the apartment in the same state of repair and condition and in as clean and tidy a state as at the arrival date (save for reasonable wear and tear).


12.3    You must take all reasonable care to safeguard and protect the apartment from loss or damage.


12.4    Should any damage come to light after you and your guests have departed, KibCo. reserves the right to retain the security deposit referred to at clause 10.2 and if necessary to make a further charge to your debit/credit card or to send an invoice for the amount to make good or remedy any such damage.


12.5    You must allow Kib Co. and/or its employees to enter the apartment to inspect its state on reasonable notice, save for in an emergency when immediate access must be granted.


12.6    You, your visitors and/or guests, must not use the apartment for any dangerous, offensive, noisy, illegal or immoral activities or carry on any act which may cause a nuisance or annoyance to McLaren House or any neighbours. All outside music is prohibited in consideration of neighbours.


12.7    Dogs are permitted in McLaren House Apartments.


12.8    All items left in the apartments are left at the owners’ risk. Kib Co. does not accept liability for any lost or stolen items and does not undertake to maintain any insurance policies except those required by law.


12.9    You, your visitors or guests, must comply with any reasonable regulations relating the apartment of which he or she has written notice.  Such regulations can be found in the welcome pack. Typical examples will include regulations on the disposal of rubbish, recycling and parking provision


12.10    Kib Co. operates a no smoking policy (this includes E cigarettes) within all interior areas in all apartments.  For Clients who do not comply with the no smoking policy a charge will be incurred to include the cost of cleaning all soft furnishings to remove the odour caused as a result.  The minimum charge will be £100.00.   You and any guests or visitors agree not to smoke in any apartment.  


12.11  The use of candles or fireworks is not permitted unless expressly authorised in writing by McLaren House. Use of BBQs is permitted on patio areas only.


12.12  You must not resell or transfer your reservation (or any part of it) nor advertise, market or otherwise offer an apartment for rent either on its own or as part of a combined offer. Kib Co. will not honour any reservation made in this way, and does not accept any liability for doing so. If you are a tour operator and wish to book an apartment you should contact


12.13   We reserve the right to change you,r apartment at any point during your stay for any reason.


13        Damage


13.1    Kib Co. recommends that you hold personal insurance for accidental damage and personal liability.


13.2    If on arrival, you discover that anything is missing or damaged within an apartment this must be reported to Kib Co. immediately otherwise it will be presumed that any damage and/or loss was caused by the you or a member of your party and you will be charged accordingly.


13.3    If Kib Co. discover any breakages and/or other damage caused by you you will be responsible for full payment of any additional charges, costs and/or losses incurred on request.


13.4   If damages need to be paid, Kib Co. will charge the pre-authorised safety deposit and then issue a refund less the cost of damages.


14       Liability


Kib Co. will not be liable for any death or injury for any persons at an apartment or for any losses, claims, demands, actions, proceedings, damages, costs or expenses or other liability by you in the exercise of the rights granted by the booking.


15       Occupation


15.1    These Terms and Conditions are personal to you.  You must not use an apartment except for the purposes of a holiday by you and your party and not for any other purpose or for any longer period of time than that specified on the confirmation invoice.


15.2    The maximum occupancy of an apartment shall not be exceeded. However, Kib Co. will always give special consideration to any Client who wishes to hold any function or celebration at an apartment where that entails exceeding the occupancy limit.  You shall obtain written permission from Kib Co. before going ahead with any function and/or celebration.  If permission is granted an additional charge may be incurred; this is at Kib Co’s absolute discretion.


16       Weather


16.1    If an apartment becomes inaccessible due to bad weather Kib Co. will take reasonable steps to inform you.  However, Kib Co is not liable for any losses due to weather. Clause [9.3] applies in such circumstances.


17       Comments / Complaints


17.1    Every reasonable care will be taken to ensure that an apartment is presented to you at a high standard.  Should you find upon arrival that there is a problem or a cause for complaint you should immediately contact James Kibler at All reasonable steps will then be taken to try and rectify the problem.


17.2    Kib Co. are committed to ensuring that all complaints and/or problems are resolved as efficiently and as effectively as possible but Kib Co. must be given an opportunity to do so. Any failure or refusal to notify Kib Co of a problem and/or any refusal of any reasonable rectification may affect your right to compensation or refund.


17.3    You must formally inform Kib Co. in writing, of any unresolved complaints within 28 days of return from an apartment.  All complaints shall be addressed to James Kibler at


18       Right to Evict


18.1    Kib Co. may terminate the Agreement on notice (without compensation being payable to you or any member of your party) if: (i) it is deemed necessary due to a serious breach by the you and/or your guests or visitors which endangers the safety of other Clients and/or guests and/or any member of staff or agent or member of the public; or (ii) Kib Co. receives any complaints of anti-social behaviour or unreasonable behaviour including (but not restricted to) breakages, damage or smoking restrictions not being observed; or (iii) Any member of your party breaches the agreed terms and conditions. 


19       Data Protection


19.1    Kib Co. would like to write to you from time to time about promotions or offers.  Please confirm if you would like to receive promotions or offers.  Kib Co. will not share the names and addresses of any Clients with any third parties unless you has authorised this.  If you provide permission and then change your mind you can advise Kib Co. of this by sending an e-mail to or by calling 07454 454757.


20       Governing Law


20.1    These Terms and Conditions and any agreement entered into between Kib Co. and you shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales. Both parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the UK Courts.


21       General


21.1    FAQs


Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for further information about your stay at McLaren House.


22.2    Your information


We keep your personal data safe and secure. Full details about how we use your data are set out in our Privacy Notice (click link for further details). Similar to other commercial websites, this website and the System utilises a standard technology called cookies and web server logs to collect information about how the website and/or the System is used and how to improve them. Further details can be found in our Cookie Notice. By providing information about you and your booking group (as outlined in the Privacy Notice) when making a reservation, you consent (on your behalf and on behalf of each member of your group) to such processing and you warrant that all information provided by you is accurate.


23       Third Party Rights 


23.1    This contract formed when we confirm your reservation and it is between you and us. No other person shall have any rights to enforce any of its terms, whether under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties Act) 1999 or otherwise.


24       Contact us


24.1    If you require further information or have any questions regarding our website or these terms and conditions, then please fill out our contact us form.




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